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Profesional Photographer

Cécilia Thibier

I was born in Paris in 1984, grew up in Normandy, but moved to the beautiful Basque Country 8 years ago. In Biarritz I found my personal paradise, my happy place where I could finally live my dream of being a photographer and a surfer. Although it meant leaving behind a promising career in an exhilarating city behind me it was a risk worth taking and despite the struggle and the unknown that awaited me I was able to finally free my spirit and follow my path. 
I can truly say that I am in love with what I a do and this fills me with joy and gives me the motivation to carry on looking for inspiring motives. I am obsessed with combining the mysticism of the ocean and waves with the beauty of women. Catching the perfect moment in the perfect light in the perfect second is what makes photography an everlasting adventure for me. But we never know what thefuture looks like, I am just trying to stay authentic whatever the shit happen !
Behind each of my photographs there is an intention, an emotion, a part of me. It’s not about just pushing the bottom on my camera to get a nice photograph. It’s about living the moment, capture the beauty in a wink of a second and living it to the fullest.

Couverture du livre de Laury Thilleman
Réalisé à Biarritz

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